Deliveries and Gifts, Sports Equipment

Deliveries and Gifts

Please note that we do not permit deliveries from outside services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, Pizza, Restaurants, or Florists. Please do not order or send items to be delivered by the school. Any delivery that does appear will be sent away. Please also note that we will not deliver balloons or any other items to students for celebratory purposes. Please also do not personally deliver fast food items to your child for lunch, as this is not permitted.

The only items that will be delivered would be something a student needs for instructional purposes. Please understand that we will not interrupt instructional time for students to pick up items – students will be called down during lunchtime only to secure any instructional items dropped off for them.


Students are not allowed to bring sports equipment to school such as footballs and basketballs. We have plenty of equipment for students to use while they are at school.  If students do bring equipment to school, they will be told they must put it in the school office for parent pick up.